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Fat Pad Restoration

fat padDo you feel like you are walking on raw bones or rocks? Have you tried inserts, padding, and countless new shoes only to continue to walk in pain? Do you want artificial fillers like liquid silicone which have been linked to auto immune diseases, or materials that have to be repeated every six months at a cost of thousands of dollars? Previous attempts by other doctors have failed to safely replace the fat pad of the foot. Our mate1·ials are safe, cost effective, and the procedure is insurance covered by Medicare and other carriers.

Patients Who Are Helped

  • Has been performed for over 10 years. The only doctor in Florida thought by the inventor of the procedure.
  • Patients as old as 85
  • Patients with diabetes
  • Athletes, dancers, shoppers, and other active adults

About Fat Pad Augmentation

  • A surgical procedure where the thinning or absent fat pad under the ball of the foot or heel is restored by natural means.
  • A natural material is inserted through cJ small incision (1 inch) on the bottom of the foot just beneath the second and third toes or under the 5th or 1st metatarsal or heel.
  • The materials Jre called Graft Jacket (human) hat once in place promotes your own body to grow new spongy tissue that creates a new layer of protection between the bones and skin.
  • The procedure is performed out-patient at a surgery center under sedation and local anesthesia (prefe1-red).
  • Walking the same day in a surgical shoe.
  • You can return to light exercise such as walking, golf and dancing in 4 weeks. Tennis, pickle ball, heavy running and softball require about 6 weeks (Individuals do differ a little based on health factors and the amount of tissue that needed to be restored.)
  • The material will continue to promote new cushioning tissue for about 6 months.
  • The materials are also used to repair ulcers, torn tendons in the ankle, shoulder, and foot. A repaired ligament or tendon is 70% stronger after these materials are used in the repair and the post operative recovery is cut in half.
  • Over 2 million graphs have been implanted over the past 20 years with no reported case of rejection.
  • On difficult cases such as diabetic ulcers, the materials are used to heal the wound and hyperbaric oxygen therapy of the foot is utilized to speed healing. Our hyperbaric chambers Jre only for the foot and leg. No need to enter a chamber which can result in lung, ear, eye and heart problems.


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